Monday, September 13, 2004

Lists Galore

Have I got a book list for you :o)

I found this website while wandering around Joyce's sidebar.

Thank you, School of Abraham, whoever you are, for compiling this great Reading List

Finished Socks...what a good feeling.
They match too! I tried to match this pair and there is a slight pattern problem at the top...but guess what? It wasn't me! There was a little knot where the manufacturer tied the yarn together. Thus the pattern was off a bit.

Aren't they purdy?

Katie's socks are already on the needles. I would like to make enough socks that I don't have to fumble around and be bewildered with the pattern every time I try to knit. I must do them over and over to make it stick.

I am more Little Engine That Could than Brilliant Mind.

In Acceptance Lieth Peace :o)

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