Sunday, September 12, 2004

A funny thing happened...

Yesterday afternoon I had a Fish Resource Center meeting. The resource center is the homeschool library attached to our local homeschool group. It was just started last year! The woman who got the whole thing off the ground, Drenna, has just moved far, far, away. (Hi Drenna!) It took seven people to fill her shoes. I'm not kidding!

The resource center has lots of books and periodicals and equipment and videos...
Drenna did a great job collecting and purchasing materials that homeschoolers are drooling for :o)

After a how-to presentation (given by our new director, Dawn) We gathered around to practice some of our newly learned skills. I was standing next to a pretty gal who I didn't know at all...and we started to chat a bit. Then out of the blue she looks at me an says. "Are you Donna Boucher?"
"Yes", say I
"I know you from the boards." says she.

She is know as LMS at the Well Trained Mind board. And she was sweet and smart and gave me a great tip for a book to use with Emma. (I was able to give her a book tip too :o)

So, I am famous...ha ha...this is the second time a 'stranger' has come up to me and
introduced themselves. It is odd, but I have to say, I feel fortunate to meet these very lovely women.

There is a song in the musical Into the Woods called Children will Listen.

The song warns parents to be careful of their words and actions.

Careful the things you say,
Children will listen.
Careful the things you do,
Children will see and learn.
Children may not obey,
But children will listen.
Children will look to you
For which way to turn,
To learn how to be.
Careful before you say,
"Listen to me."
Children will listen.

-Steven Sondheim

So today, I realize I have one more reason to be careful of the words I say. My words are not floating out there into a big void when I type them. People do listen.

O Lord...give me wisdom.


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