Monday, September 20, 2004

Smart and Funny

File this under "Parents who need to get a flippin' clue".
-Ambra Nykola from her article "But he has a good heart."

Ambra writes a funny and smart blog! She is, oh so young....but I think she is very cool :o) She turns a phrase like no other.


Kelly is Badgermum. She doesn't realize it...but she took my name :o) Not really, but we *are* the Wisconsin Badgers, ya know :o)

Kelly stopped blogging for about two months and it drove us all crazy. She came back with a wonderful list of "Fifty Things I Love."

I could probably write a Fifty things I eat...HA-without any trouble...yes, sad, I know...but true.

I will leave out the two most obvious things I love, God and family, just like Kelly did. You know they would be one and two :o)

Fifty Things I Love

Are You My Mother?
bagels with cream cheese
a breeze
the Blue Angels
Brett Favre's guts
Christmas Eve
crawling into bed
dancing the jitterbug
Diet Dr. Pepper
dryer sheets-their smell
Elisabeth Elliot
filet mignon with bearnaise sauce
Frank Sinatra's voice
gently falling snow
Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass
How Great Thou Art
Jeremiah 29:11
kissing my toddlers
large, long haired cats
lobster with melted butter
a marching band
Mr. Darcy
muscle cars
a newly sharpened pencil with a good eraser
ocean waves
obedient dogs
old buildings
poetry, esp. Dorothy Aldis and Robert Louis Stevenson
pretty handwriting
Pride and Prejudice
Regis and Kelly
spring flowers
The Princess Bride-the book
Titus 2:3-5
To Kill a Mockingbird-the movie
Trust and Obey
a view
white teeth
woolen clogs
You've Got Mail

So for this week...that is the list of the things I love.
There are so many is is beautiful...
'Love actually is all around'


A muscle car is a car from the 60's and 70's with a big engine. But I just love the way they look!

I am the one who drags the kids and husband to the car shows...just to look the very cool cars.


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