Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday Friday Five

Share with us your favorite recipes.

1. Favorite appetizer
2. Favorite salad
3. Favorite soup
4. Favorite casserole
5. Favorite dessert

If you would like send one of your favorites by email or write out in the comment box, I will post it on the blog tomorrow.

1. Longaberger Chicken Salad (I can't think of an appetizer)
2. Mandarin Salad from the Betty Crocker Cookbook (see below)
3. Potato Soup ( see Recipe's I have known and loved)
4. Lasagna (this is my husband's favorite meal)
5. Red Velvet Cake

Mandarin Salad by Miz Crocker

1/4 C sliced almonds
1T + 1 tsp sugar
1/4 head lettuce
1/4 bunch romaine
1 C celery chopped
2 green onions thinly sliced
11 oz can mandarin oranges, packed in juice

Sweet and Sour dressing;

1/2 C oil
4 T sugar
4 T vinegar
2 T snipped parsley
1 tsp salt
Dash pepper

Cook almonds and sugar over low heat, stir until sugar is melted. Careful not to burn. Cool and break the almonds apart. Set aside.
Place lettuce/romaine celery and onions in a plastic bag. Pour in dressing and orange segments and shake, shake, shake,....shake, shake, shake,...shake your salad,
shake your salad, yeah.
Add almonds. Serve.

I'll bet most of you have had that salad...a long time ago and forgot how good it is! Right?

I'll share the Red Velvet cake recipe soon. If I get some recipes to post I'll add my cake to the list. If I don't get any recipes to share, I give you the cake recipe anyway :o)

I'll be here...shaking my salad and singing with KC and the Sunshine band...

Trying to keep my spirits snowy, cold, Wisconsin.

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