Monday, March 21, 2005


Okay, what's going on here.
Both of the girls are still asleep. It's 8:30.
I expect this of Emma, but not Katie Gracie.

I slept a little late too due to the fact that I was up watching the vote on Terri's bill last night.

I would usually be against more government in our lives.
But when an innocent person's life is at stake.
I choose life over the rule of law.

Just like The Practice. Patrick and I would watch that show last year and we would just be furious. Alright, I would be all worked up and furious...
Typically an axe murderer gets away with murder and goes out to murder again.
The lawyers have the goods on the bad guy...but can't tell because of the axe murderer's legal rights.

I would make a terrible lawyer because I have too much common sense and compassion. And doing the right thing does not always line up with the laws of our great land.
I would be fired and disbarred.


So we have another answer to prayer. A wonderful answer to prayer.
Thank you Lord.
Terri will not be starved to death.


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The girls are up now!
Time to get to work ;o)

Encourage one another,

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