Thursday, March 24, 2005

I did a few of the lifting sets while I watched Survivor last night.
It was kinda fun. But I only have five pound weights and my goodness did I feel it.
I had to rest my arms before I could knit!

Koigu scarf.
Love the yarn!

This pattern suggests that you change the color every four rows. I think there is enough going on with just one color.
As you can see, the scarf does not lie flat.
I will finally have to learn to block.
Oh I hope it turns out!


The boys are coming home today.(Patrick, 22, and Matthew, 20.)
I can't wait to see them!
I plan on making potato soup, lasagna, and a turkey this weekend.
These are their favorites and I sure like to prepare something special for them :o)
I also will make peanut butter-butterscotch rice-krispie treats.
Everybody loves these.


Going out to a planning lunch today with some very nice moms.
We are planning a mother-daughter luncheon.
Kris is doing everything...and I just give my opinion.
Not too tough....
for me.


And in the midst of all of this I will supervise Emma's classes and hopefully get my tushie out the door for a little walk around the block :o)

Life is full and it sure is good!

Encourage one another,

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