Monday, March 14, 2005


I think I posted one of these maps over a year ago.
Have you filled on out? Pretty cool, huh?
One of my Texas friends, Smock or MamaT, just filled in Texas.
Very funny!

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourFlorida travel guide

Has anyone been to all fifty states?
Would you like to do that?

Of the states I have not visited I would most like to go to Louisiana and Georgia.


Have you heard of Mind-mapping?

I have forgotten about it. But it can be a very useful tool for you or your children. (Now that I re-read this it is pretty funny that I forgot all about mind-mapping)

It is a way of taking notes with pictures. Like diagramming your thoughts.
The book I read is called Mapping Inner Space.

You may find it here or at your wonderful local library.

I remember my friend taking notes of her husbands sermons in this form.
It's a good tool for the visual learners among us.


The road to better health, physical and spiritual...

I have started keeping a weight-loss journal of sorts.
Mfs's recommendation of The Philosopher's Diet was the nudge I needed. ( I have not gotten the book yet but the quotes she supplied were right on.)
Thank You!


But that's the thing about changing one's habits... the focus must be on oneself.

I get to eat this bagel...because I am hungry.

In the past I have thought of self control as a bad thing...cause of the word self.
But self control is a fruit of the Spirit!!!

So self-control is a good long as I am aware that it is a gift of the spirit :o)

I like that!!!

I will pray for self-control.

And then I lost five pounds.
I'm feeling very positive!

The hardest part of getting started is getting started!


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