Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Weight Training

So...I've been told weight training is a great way to get in shape.

Camy recommends weight training. (Before having many children, Camy was a personal trainer.)

Now I don't know why I have completely blocked this out of my mind. Before I had children and when I was pregnant with Patrick Jr. I went to a gym and did aerobics and did the Nautilus machines...every day.

I was in very good shape.

But it is all a blur now.

So when Camy said, start lifting weights.
I thought, really...lifting weights?

But deep down I know she is right.

So I borrowed two Joyce Vedral books from the library. Camy says that Joyce is right on target with her instruction.

I looked it over last night and I like the idea of 30 minutes every other day.
The sets look very easy and do-able. I just need a set of three pound weights and I will be all set.

Now...about her leotards...very 80's....yikes.

I like the fact that she is even older than me.

But I sure hope I can get over that leotard.

Any of you lift your home, at a gym?

Success stories please.

Encourage one another,

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