Tuesday, March 15, 2005


How cute is this little peep?
Very soft.
Very cute.
Very nostalgic.
No sugar.


Sherry at Semicolon has written a fantastic list! Her ideas are really great!

Bored-Nothing to do?


Katie and I continue to work our way through the Rod and Staff preschool workbooks.
She likes the cut and paste pages, the matching, and the 'alike/different' pages.

Her mind is sharp.
Her fine motor skills are not as sharp.
Her ability to mimic sign language is uncanny.
She is going to be a good little student :o)

I am really thinking of using Calvert next year for her.
Following Calvert's teacher's manual would get me back into the routine of daily elementary work.
Katie would be fine with anything I choose.
I'm the one who needs a little discipline.
A little restructuring.

I used Calvert eleven years ago when I first started homeschooling and it worked out wonderfully!

I'll let you know.

It's time to start thinking about Emma's classes too. This is a fun time of year. I love the planning.

If you homeschool, what is your favorite part of homeschooling?
Sister Sue and Cindy, what is your favorite part of teaching?

Encourage one another and build each other up,

p.s. Did you know I sing that in my head every time I type it? I think it is a Donut Man tune.

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