Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Can you remember wanting to be grown up?
Really grown up?

Did you beg for pierced ears, or nylons or high heels?

Katie came home from Carrie's house today with these fancy "pierced" earrings.
She was so proud and pleased.

We all reacted with the proper amount of shock at the pierced ears.
Especially daddy!

But, alas, they are not really pierced earrings.

And if you look closely you can see the red marks from the pinching.

Now, Katie is the kind of girl who will let you know if she is physically uncomfortable.

"That feels funny."
Is moaned every day.
About her hair.
Or her shorts that I have rolled up a bit.
Or the socks.
Or the shoes.

"They feel funny!"

And then the tears come.

Until I fix it.

But, I promise you, I did not hear a whisper about those pink ear lobes.

And I asked.

"Don't your ears hurt. You better take those off."

But. No.

They do not bother her.

Pink earlobes are a small price to pay
when you want to look very grown up.

Bless her seven year old heart.

And no, she does not have on lipstick.
That's Bomb Pop pink.
(The Popsicle :o)

And yes, her necklace is upside down.

Don't tell her :o)


Do you know Roger Ebert?
The long time film critic from Chicago?

Has has cancer.
He is not giving up!

Being sick is no fun. But you can have fun while you’re sick.

Read this amazing article to see the human spirit at it's very finest.
‘I ain’t a pretty boy no more’

Have a wonderful time at your festival, Roger!
God Bless!


And one last thing.
Who will go tonight, on American Idol?

Chris or Blake???

And how fantastic was Jordin, last night?

Absolutely lovely in every way.

Encourage one another,

How old were you when you were able to pierce your ears?
I have a story about ear piercing that I will share in the comment box.

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