Monday, April 23, 2007

Some folks were wondering...

Just finished.
Linen handtowel.
Mason-Dixon Knitting Pattern.

Just cast on...
Vesper Sweetwater.
Gonna be a sock.
From the stash.

Self-striping yarn....
I love you.

And while I was knitting...
We were watching,


This really is one of the sweetest movies you will ever see.

It was filmed entirely in Rome.

Gregory is at this Atticus-Finch-finest, Eddie Albert is funny and Audrey Hepburn is her usual enchanting self.

If I were ever to go to Rome again...I would take the Roman Holiday walking tour.
We missed quite a few of the sites that are seen in the movie.
But, to be honest, I had run out of gas.

We rode this baby...
instead of a jaunty, quick, little Vespa like Gregory and Audrey.

And we ate perfect pasta and pizza at many outdoor caffes.


What is your favorite pasta?

Encourage one another,

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