Friday, April 13, 2007

I dreaded Rome.

Everyone said it would be a madhouse, chaotic.

It was Easter week.

I believed them.

But is was actually quieter than Florence and the lines moved quickly and we moved thru the magical door at the back of the Sistine Chapel and walked right into St. Peter's and the food at the restaurants was perfect and so were the owners of those restaurants and our hotel was....quiet.

The quiet hospitable Hotel Alimandi

Friendly, proud, waiter/chef Francesco.
He asked us to take this picture of him.
He thought it was 'bella'.

The Trevi fountain.
The Romans were so proud of their water supply they really flaunted it!
As well they should have.
No one else had running water!

My two rules of thumb for photos when traveling;

Hold the camera still.

Get yourself in the pictures.

(You know, I don't like having my picture taken...
but I am a rule follower,
so pose away, I did!)

Yup. She drank from the fountain.
No. She didn't get sick.

Nice shot.
They liked it here.

Et Tu, Brute?

Don't you love Kathryn's pose? Where did she get that?
We heard a few giggles from those around us as we took this picture.
It is on the actual spot.
We think.

Classic :o)

One last quick shot at St. Peter's.
The end of day seven.

"Let's go get some Pizza!!!"

And so it ends.
Our mad, wonderful dash thru remarkable Paris, lovely Florence and glorious Roma.

Thanks for coming along on this little photo journal with me and helping me organize and share my thoughts...and feelings :o)

I am so grateful for the chance to take such a fantastic trip, to experience all of these adventures with my steady husband and precious daughter.

I am filled to the top with gratefulness.


"Oh Auntie Em, there's no place like home."

Encourage one another,

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