Monday, April 30, 2007


for the



pop, Mom.

Katie usually doesn't get a can of pop.
But it was hot
and she was thirsty
and she asked so nice
and I've gone soft.

But, without ice cubes, I think pop is tough to drink.
And evidently, it is for Katie.
With every sip came the puffed out cheeks and squinted eyes.

Didn't look like too much fun.

That's why I drink my pop with ice cubes.

It's much less gassy that way.

Did you know I couldn't drink drink pop until I went to college?
It hurt my throat.

Growing up we weren't offered pop very often.

We had Hawaiian Punch and Kool-Aid.

And Black Cows.

Our father would make us Black Cows.

Do you know what a Black Cow is?
It is a root beer float.

A&W rootbeer (brought home in a jug)
Add vanilla ice cream

Grab a straw,
and a spoon.


Now that is one good drink!

What is your favorite summer time drink?

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