Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do you have The Crocs?
You you wear The Crocs?
What color are your

Time to guess.

Do I own The Crocs?

Yesterday, I innocently suggested buying Crocs as a gift on a certain message board.
I thought it would be funny, and kinda cute and ugly at the same time.

All hell broke lose.


Not really.

But it's funnier that way.

Actually, people seem to have strong feelings about The Crocs.

Just like Sanjaya.

Too bad.
So sad.

Poor dear.
I wish him well.

You're gonna be okay, Sanjaya.

And another sad thing.

The day before we left for Europe.

I. forgot. to. walk.

Yes, I did.

I accidentally broke my streak.

Eighty-seven days.

Gone with the wind.......

While in Europe, I walked for hours, every day.
But the streak had been broken and I'm not gonna lie.

So, since I have been home my only streak has been one of idleness.

I have walked once, since April 8th.

Very bad.

Don't you think it is time to start over?


agh, agh, agh.

Encourage one another,

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