Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Andrew LLoyd Weber meets some Idols.

Last night was one of the more interesting Idols I've seen this year.

Lord/Sir Andrew was not too impressed with the Idols and I thought it was pretty funny
how he searched and searched for something slightly positive to say during the one on ones.

I love how he told Carly what song to sing and man, she hit the homerun with Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

I felt she was amazing last night. It was just right for her and for that song.

Believe it or not, I thought David A. was the worst. What a boring song. I changed the channel.
I went looking for Biggest Loser. It wasn't there.

David Cook has a surprisingly beautiful tone to his voice. But I hated the screaming of the high notes. I know he HAD to do that....but it wasn't my best. ;o) (Does he even know who Michael Crawford is?)

After Jason fumbled his way thru Memories, Katie and I watched the real deal on youtube.

Which do you prefer. And by the way....I have seen Cats twice. Hated it. *snap

But this woman's voice. Oh my. It's so pretty!

And have I told you how much I love youtube?

Oh. How can I post 'bring down the house' musical numbers and neglect this amazing song from Le Miserables...
not a Lloyd Weber production....but I can't help myself. This song brings me to tears because it is so beautiful.

Now...where was I....

Oh Brooke, I liked her song and I like her very much.

If I forgot the words and messed up on television like that....well...I would be just a big mess.
She is a very special girl.


I was sad to see Marilee Matlin go on Dancing with the Stars last night.

Is she the only Academy Award Winner to be on Dancing with the Stars?

Who would you LOVE to see on the show?

I would love to see Kelly Ripa on the show. I think she would win.

I would also like to see, um, Brad Pitt on the show because it would be so preposterous.

I just know he can't dance, can he?


I did a little photoshoot with Emma yesterday. It was so fun to go out and practice the full sun
things I have been learning.




Emma and I both think the picture with Katie walking in the background is super cool.

Like an album cover or something ;o)

Fun in the sun :o)

Thanks for all the fun in the comments! It's a highlight of my day!

Encourage one another,

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