Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Overheard yesterday afternoon;

"My daddy buys me anything I want."

And well, after last weekend, Katie does feel a little spoiled.

And Patrick is very generous. He would love to buy us all anything we want.

But it's really not that way.

But to Katie, her little shopping spree in Chicago made her feel like it for once.

So that's okay...but I told her not to say that. It sounded snooty.

But why was Katie feeling so materially blessed?

Daddy took Katie to The American Girl Place on Saturday morning while I was at the workshop and Emma was with a friend at Moody.

I gave Patrick some shopping pointers and a heads up about this magical place they were heading to.

"Patrick, this is a very special experience. Girls come from all over just to go to this store, so let her look and enjoy the whole thing, okay? She doesn't need a doll. Just a brush and and outfit for Emily and an outfit for Felicity. And Emily can get her hair done."

And with that they were on their own.

It was very rainy and cold so they took a taxi, which is Katie's preferred method of transportation and they entered the world
of girly stuff and commercialism at it's finest.

Katie's doll Emily now has a darling swimsuit and sunhat and the cutest hair-do you ever saw.


Emily's hair-do was $20. This is more than my husband spends on his haircuts.

All perspective is lost in Chicago. I think it is the tall buildings and smell of Garrets popcorn.

I'm glad and sad at the same time that I wasn't at American Girl Place with Katie.

I'm glad I wasn't there because I would have been uptight about the money and probably ruined it for Katie.

I'm sad because I would like to have seen it and seen Katie in the magical kingdom of dolls.

Katie and Patrick will always have this special memory of their time in Chicago.

It's a good thing.

And don't worry, the high life ended as soon as we re-entered Wis.

Back to budgets and pop on the weekends.

But aren't vacations fun!



I think the Rumba is a weird dance. All that strange posing and walking around.

It really is the dumbest dance I have ever seen.

But who was the worst or most unpopular?


I think Biggest Loser Finale is on tonight.

Now, if you have never watched Biggest Loser before....Finale night is the night to watch.

You will get to see the befores and the afters of all the contestants!

It is the feel good show of the year!

So if it's on tonight....watch it. You will be inspired!


On a serious, spiritual note.

I am praying earnestly for two people.

I know the Bible says to pray without ceasing...

But I don't want to sound like a broken record.

I have to believe that God is hearing my prayers and pray that He knows my heart....

Have you ever wondered about this?
I know it's strange to feel self conscious before God.
But I do a little.

Can anyone set me straight on this?

Encourage one another,

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