Monday, April 14, 2008

The door was open!


Now you can all get that sad image of the closed door out of your heads forever.
This lopsided one with the gorgeous sky will have to do :o)

The workshop was indeed happening last weekend!

I was welcomed with a hug from Audrey when I arrived.

She is warm and encouraging, totally open and so, so talented.
It was great to see her studio and to see her prints on the walls, in person.
Her photographs are bee-you-tee-ful in person!!!

She was willing to answer anything we wanted to know!

And we were nosey ;o)

And then I was greeted with another hug and kiss on the cheek from Courtney.

We felt perfectly at ease with one another and our families even went out to eat together.

Love em! Seriously, how was I so blessed to meet her?

And well. I have to say. I love this internet. It has brought me such lovely friends (and opportunities).

The two day workshop covered: balance, setting your business hours, marketing, watching Audrey shoot children (he he..that's for you, Lynn), joining in with the photoshoot of said children, eating lovely lunches, learning about camera settings, exposure,
editing of pictures, internet presence, and how to shoot in various natural light situations.

She talked about individual style, setting prices and personal privacy.

Which is why I won't be showing you a picture of dear Audrey.

You know, I like to ask before I show someone's picture on the blog...and Audrey didn't seem crazy about that idea,
so I respected her wishes. But just so you know, she is beautiful, inside and out. And her hair is fabulous ;o)

20080413_8568-2 bw
Courtney, on the other hand, is a big ole ham!!!

She is beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera...and behind it!
Courtney, has a great style and a wonderful eye. Along with a natural business sense....
I think she will go far! I really do!


Like I said, we had a little photoshot with four very active children and 14 photographers.

Here is an adorable little girl that I was happy to get a few shots of.

So much was going on, I didn't get any eye contact, but I think this is beautiful none the less.


20080413_8541-ra copy2

Such a doll!


Tomorrow, I will tell you what Patrick and Katie and Emma did in Chicago.

Here was Katie's second favorite thing to do in Chicago.


We had a really wild waitress on Sat. night. Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl....

Thanks for all the well wishes!!! It was a great experience and I feel honored to learn from someone I consider the best in the biz....all the way around!
Thank you Audrey!

Go take a peek at the amazing photographs at Audrey's blog.

Encourage one another,

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