Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Public Service Announcement

About those Ads in the comment box.

I am sorry about those ads and I want to ask you never to click on them.

Haloscan uses them to make money. I have had that comment box for four years and it
has been free all along. They ask for a donation of $12. And while I can afford the $12 now,
I feel I am being blackmailed into sending it by the icky ads they are running.

Anastas**.com is not a honorable company to advertise with in my opinion.

I wrote two letters to ask them to remove that particular ad.

They just said, "We sell ads to pay for this service."

Well that is fine and good. I understand that.

It just seems a little mob-esque to put nasty ads up and then tell us to pay to get them taken down.

Do you know what I mean?

I don't mind the gay vacations or the ads for HIllary and I even liked the Starbucks ads.....

But this one bugs me.

So please don't click on them.

And I'm sorry.


Now on to more enjoyable topics!

Biggest Loser

How did all those people lose so much weight in one week?
That is totally unheard of!!! And probably unhealthy.

Last time I was on Weight Watchers, I followed the program exactly and I lost twelve pounds in six months.

I quit because I was so frustrated.

I guess the KEY is 8 hours of exercise a day.

Are you ready for that????

So, did you catch how to vote.

Vote on line.

Now, if you want a girl to win, vote for Mark.
He really shouldn't lose more weight.

I am tempted to vote for Roger, cause I like him....but I think he will win if given the chance.

So....what will you do?
What will America do?

How much do you love Bob?
Do you love Bob?

What about Bob?


Dancing with the Stars

So-long Adam.

While I never watch much of the elimination night....I caught a little bit of Cheryl Crow,

And man, she is gorgeous. She says she just has good genes.

Possibly. But wow.


American Idol

Michael= I didn't like this at all

David Cook= I liked his song and voice. Did you notice how large his head is. That is a sign.
Big headed people go far. Vanna, Pat Sajack, Kelly Ripa......

Carly= Changed the channel

Kristy Lee= good and cute outfit

Jason= my fave of the night

Syesha= I like her songs and I don't know what the judges have against her.

David A= I liked his song and his voice....but I almost forgot about him this morning.

Brooke= I just didn't think this performance was interesting at all.

Paula was the best I have ever seen her !!!!

She must have her meds straighted out!

Good for her!

I love to hear your opinions!!!



April showers bring May Flowers!

Hooray...we will have pretty flowers, soon :o)

Encourage one another,

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