Monday, April 21, 2008

Yesterday the sun shone so brightly and the temperatures left the 50's and crept super close
to 70 and we the people of Wisconsin burst out of our homes with our white skin and sandals and held hands and sang
here comes the sun.


Patrick asked what I would like to do.
I said, "take a hike". he he

He said, "What? A hike?"

So we drove the car to State St and walked around with all the other hippies and college students.


I have wanted to take a picture of this for a long time. It could be the 1950's, no?


And this impressive building. Still crooked. I have edited this twice....what is it with me an crooked buildings.
Shall we blame the lens?

I think this is called the Red Gym. And there is a basketball court inside this building, on the second or third floor.

Isn't it a great building?


I see pale people. They're everywhere.

No excursion is complete without a treat of some sort.
Coldstone for Katie.

Someone was writing on buildings.

Kindly with chalk.

First we saw the words "Speak Up!" And I took a picture of Katie under that.

But as we turned the corner, we saw the word "Kiss"....and I asked Patrick to kiss Katie.

He did. And you can't imagine how much I love this picture of my camera shy husband and his little girl.

Kiss the girl!


And to finish off this colorful journey....

Lynn and I got together Sat. afternoon.

We met at the knitting store.

Here is a Haiku she wrote to mark the occasion.

Our husbands think we're knitting

Lynn's hand knit Noro sock yarn socks. Colorway: Pumpkin.

Aren't they gorgeous!!!? They are Lynn's most favorite socks she has ever knit.

AND for all of you knitters, notice the short heel. Pretty swanky, no?


If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk.
~Raymond Inmon

Walks. The body advances, while the mind flutters around it like a bird.
~Jules Renard

Happy, bright and colorful, Monday to you all!!!

Encourage one another,

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