Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are you dieting?


Well. I'm not.
I should be.
But I'm not.

But last night I ran across a good resource for any of those who might be dieting.

Chantel Hobbs

She lost 200 pounds. That's mighty impressive.


Now. Back to my "King's Cake".

This is the Southern Wisconsin version of a King's Cake.

I had never heard of a King's Cake. And actually, all things Mardi Gras-Fat Tuesday were way off my radar until a certain lady joined our quilting group. She had just moved to Marinette from New Orleans and with her move she brought some of the Southern traditions.

We always quilted on Tuesday afternoons and it just so happened that she hosted the group on Fat Tuesday.

She ordered a King's Cake from a bakery in N.O. and we continued the tradition every year after that!

You see, the person who finds the little baby in their piece of cake, must bring the cake the following year.

We thought of the little baby, as baby Jesus.

(Baby Jesus, why are you in a cake?)

But the internet says the original 'baby' or trinket had something to do about the three Kings.

So yesterday after picking up Katie we journeyed to Millers where I bought some dinner and a kings cake.
(The best grocery store in the world.)
I told Katie that they are usually decorated with purple and yellow and....

and I couldn't remember the other color...

and she said green.

How do you know that?

Well. Some of the teachers and students had on green and purple beads.
And some children wore masks!

Well! Par-tay at Blessed Sacrament.

I wonder if I missed the memo?

We have stepped into a world with some new traditions this year at Catholic school....

Today Katie will come home with Ashes on her forehead.

I always thought that was fascinating as a child.

We talked about the ashes in the car too.

It's a good thing.

"Where do they get the ashes?" she wondered.

"I think traditionally the ashes are the burnt palm leaves from Palm Sunday the year before." I reasoned.

"Oh. good. I'm glad they are not from dead people."

Poor thing. I'm glad we covered that.
What a terrible thought.


Here is my friend Drenna and her daughter Molly!
I snapped this shot yesterday as they were leaving after a way too short visit!
But, I am so thankful they had a chance to stop by. You know how hard that is when you are traveling to fit in all
of your old friends.

Katie and Drenna's son Calvin were gymnastics buddies before they moved away.
Katie gets along very well with boys. She likes how they play.
Emma, too.


Molly is a photographer and I get to follow her on Flickr. She has a unique eye and I hope she sticks with it!

Thank you both, for stopping by! It was wonderful to see you!

How to feed a cat.

This is how I feed the cat.


She finds me rather curious.

Will you do anything special this Lenten season?
Will you give something up?

For the first time ever, I am giving something up.

Eating after dinner. Nothing. Nada.

Katie is giving up cookies.

She is already suffering. There is a cookie with the hot lunch today and she says 'they are sooooo good!'.

Encourage one another,

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