Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Fill in

1. Please don't tell _____.

2. Can you _____ in the morning?

3. The color _____ makes me want to _____!

4. I have a craving for _____.

5. If my life had a pause button, I'd pause it _____.

6. Eyes are the _____.

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Friday Fill ins


What did you think about Lost this week.

I think the writers were off their game and wasting our time on the island.

How could Katie trust Sun? It really bothered me that she left Aaron with her.

Daniel knows his raft mates are dying. He is not telling them. He is not helping them get a constant.
He is bad news.

Why do you think Jack is willingly doing what Ben says?

Patrick says it's because Jack has no where else to turn.

Anything else strike you as interesting?

Grey's Anatomy

Is anyone else wracking their brain as to where they have seen the new Dr. Robbins before???

(She is the pretty new surgeon)

I will tell you in the comments what I figured out.

Top Chef

Patrick and I watch Top Chef yet we really don't think we want to eat any of the food they prepare.

Outback Steakhouse, you're good enough for us :o)

I like how the chef's work together this year. Very nice.
Stefan is the clear winner....I will be shocked to see someone overtake him.

Michael Phelps

Does he deserve a third chance?

He got a DUI about four years ago.
He is now the cover boy for bong smoking.

I just don't get it.


Jodi from MCP actions sent me a set of her new "Details" actions to try out.

As with all of Jodi's products they work flawlessly and she supports her product and clients.

This set is very dramatic and if you go over to her website you will see much better examples of how these work.

20080703_422020080703_4220details color

I used Details (color) on this second photo. It is sharp and bright.


I had a lot of fun using 'hide and seek'. You are able to lighten or darken just where you want to lighten and darken.
I think I sharpened this one too!

This is the original. I thought it was really nice.

20080726_4981-22 mcp
Then I ran Extreme Color on it. It now has more contrast and sharpness and beautiful color..

If you are interested, go look at Jodi's examples. They are really impressive.

MCP Actions


Patrick and I are going to movie night at church tonight. This is the first time we have ever done something at the church together.

I have heard this is a good movie and look forward to seeing it, discussing it, and being with Patrick.

Have you seen Fireproof?

Okay. That's enough for now.

I look forward to reading your comments today! (Just like every day)

Encourage one another,


I forgot to talk about 30 ROCK.

We laugh so loud during this show!!!
Did you catch Tracy correcting the new aide for saying...Do you want to come with? ha ha ha

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