Wednesday, February 04, 2009

(Katie recalling her experience. Looks like she is saying, "Hey!"

Katie does not have strep.

She is back at school with a sore throat or as she spells it trote.

I had her write a little story about her experience at the doctor's office yesterday.

(I'm a homeschooler, I couldn't help it.)

She wrote well; complete sentences, nice flow, pretty good punctuation.

The spelling was shaky.

I explained what a first draft was and then I wrote the misspelled words on the back of the paper and helped her correct her spelling.

The story was called The Nightmare.

(which she spelled nightmar )

Swab was swob.
Laughed was laft.
Again was agin.
Question was queston.


All the words were new words to her so I am not dismayed.

And how could I be?

She gladly sat down to write a ten sentence story for me.
It was funny and well done.

And I can't spell my way out of a paper bag, either.


How about the dramatic ending to The Biggest Loser last night?

They drag that show out and it drives me wild, so I Tivo it and watch the good parts. (The weight in!)
Then I jump back and forth between Biggest Loser and American Idol.

I have got it all figured out.

Too bad the Olympics has not added channel surfing to their roster.

Gold medal, baybee!

Anyway, I was disappointed with how little Idol showed of the contestants last night.
Gosh. Would you die if you made it to Hollywood and you were never shown on television.
I'll bet that happens to a lot of people.

Ryan said they were down to 104 contestants and we only saw about ten.

Does anyone know when Idol goes live?

Does anyone have a connection to one of the contestants?

It's so much more fun for me when somebody knows somebody who knows somebody.



And seriously, about the cold here in Wisconsin.

I drive about one hour ever morning and afternoon to get Katie to and from school.

I have been home for a half an hour.

And my hands are still cold.


I need some of these for the drive.

My wool mittens are just not cutting it.


The Mitten Song

"Thumbs in the thumb-place,
Fingers all together!"
This is the song
We sing in mitten-weather.
When it is cold,
It doesn't matter whether
Mittens are wool,
Or made of finest leather.
This is the song
We sing in mitten-weather:
"Thumbs in the thumb-place,
Fingers all together!"

Marie Louise Allen

Encourage one another,

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