Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last night on Entertainment Tonight I spotted Diane Lane in the most wonderful pair of glasses.

I said. Those are the glasses I want. Where did she find those glasses?

And my husband said,


I love Diane Lane. I have loved her since she was a little girl.

When she was in a movie called "A Little Romance" (1979)


I am looking forward to the Academy Awards on Sunday night.

This morning I went looking for some pretty dresses from the past, and a pick for the big day.

Grace Kelly is always at the top of my list.
This dress is beautiful. I like the neckline very much.


Similar neckline, completely different dress.

Again very pretty.

Cate Blanchett Oscar gown

I chose this dress a few years ago as my favorite.


Wow!!! You know I love this dress worn by the young lady from Slumdog Millionaire.

She has worn many beautiful dresses already this award season. I love her taste.

I don't know if she can top this dress. Ruffles, ruffles, how I love thee.


Elle Saab just makes dresses that I think are perfect for the Oscars.

I am not in love with this color. I would like it in cream.

But otherwise, I think it is stunning.

Another stunning Elle Saab. Spring 2009.


I just can't wait for the big show!
Hugh Jackman is the host this year. I hear there will be dancing.


I have seen 78 of the Afi list.
How many have you seen?

Encourage one another,

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