Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Finished with another dish towel.

Couldn't quite get the red right with the Nikon yesterday.
The bright color was freaking out my camera.

I have cast on the final dish towel. It is pink and I have already made a mistake so I will be frogging back a few rows.

And by the way, Sister Sue, you can use your towel.
They get better and better with each washing!

Linen/flax is an ancient material that is super strong and lasts forever!


I was totally surprised with whom Jason sent home last night on the Bachelor.

I was sure Jillian would be staying and the other girls were 'in danger'.
But I was so wrong.

Tricky editor.

I really have no idea who Jason is engaged to.
He is engaged.

Did you see the coming attractions and the big drama coming up during the final rose ceremony???

Oh, how they love to hype it up.

I don't see a "connection"...
Molly seems distant and the other gal doesn't seem real sincere either.

What do I know? I thought it was Jillian for two hours.



Some soft, gentle actions....for a change....

Cinnamon Rose/ After

Katie's lip is splitting. Quite badly.
Our daily photo shoot was foiled by a bright red drop of blood.


What do you recommend for splitting, cracking lips?

Encourage one another,

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