Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I borrowed this little button from my sister's facebook page.

I don't do the buttons...but I do fall and hurt myself.

Yesterday, I missed a step and turned my ankle terribly coming out of school.
I was light headed and woozy but made it home.

I do not have any pain when my foot is still, just when I put weight on it.

It is not bruised or very swollen so I am sure it will be just fine.

But it is a shock to almost wipe out and hurt yourself, isn't it?

Just think of little children, they fall down and run into things all day long.

Perhaps older people are just out of practice.

(In my klutzy defense, I did not fall over. I caught myself and landed in a full squat; feet flat on the ground.
It was very dignified.
I actually thought the ole muscles would be much sorer today.)


I love playing with black and white editing. I have not decided which is my style yet.


I really love the high contrast look.


And I adore the soft, gentle black and whites too.

Which do you prefer?

I'd love to know.

Encourage one another,

P.s. I am a total novice at Facebook and really only use it to keep in touch with family and look at pictures.
All seven of us have Facebook pages. I am so delighted about that.

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