Friday, February 20, 2009



I found this pencil in Katie's musty backpack.

Pretty darn sweet. I'd say.

On Tuesday, I noticed that Katie's school papers were curling at the ends from being wet.
After just a little bit of checking, I found a very smelly, wet pair of snow pants.

Those snow pants went right into the wash and came out smelling clean. (I have a thing about musty smelling washcloths and such.)

Wednesday afternoon, the school papers again came out of the backpack with curled, damp edges.

"What is in your backpack? Are your pants smelly again?!"

Looking myself this time I found the wettest mittens lying in the bottom of the now musty smelling backpack.

Taking a chance, I threw all of the wet items into the wash. The back pack said "spot clean only".

I crossed my fingers and wished it well. Musty smells must be eliminated.

At dinner that night, I asked Katie how everything got so wet. She told me that at recess she scoops the slush in a pile and
puts it on the hill and then slides down it. It makes the slide really fast.

And I promptly told her she was not allowed to do that anymore.

And she promptly cried.

You would have thought I told her she had to break up with her true love.

Oh my.

My husband said, this is what children do.

And I was unmoved.

And then he said, 'tomorrow it will be seven below and there will be no slush'.

And I said, 'good'.

Yesterday she came home from school nice and dry.
But a little tired.


Last shot, Katie. One little smile, please.

Encourage one another,

Donna, the killjoy


The Friday Five.

Are you a winner?

1. Do you feel that you are you a lucky person?

2. Have you ever won a contest, sweepstakes, or raffle?

3. In your opinion, what constitutes a good prize?

4. How often do you enter your name into sweepstakes or raffle drawings?

5. What is the best thing you have ever won? (prize, award, recognition, etc.)

Thank you for reminding me about the FF Ruth Ann.

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