Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Oh yikes. I am running short on time today!

I guess I have a hair appointment. Last time I had my hair highlighted, I waited too long and my hair looked quite awful for about a month or more....so I went ahead and scheduled the next appointment before I left. It's the smart thing to do.
However, I lost the card and didn't know when it was.

As I went to bed last night I spotted the new number on the answering machine. (It is upstairs and is not helpful to me at all.)
Yup. The appointment is today at 10:00.
That sure went by quickly.

So I have to type fast!

I jotted down three things that I wanted to tell you all today..


On January 26th on the way to pick up Katie from school, I went past a funeral home.
Parked outside the funeral home was the Wienermobile. Across the middle was draped a black banner.

It was so surreal and I wish I knew who had the honor of having the Wienermobile at their funeral???

In my searches I found one other time that this happened....

The article said that Little Oscar had died and this was a part of the funeral.
(In 2007) But I am not absolutely sure it is a real picture.

But the one I saw here in Madison WAS real. I just didn't get the scoop or the picture :o(


As I was emptying and washing Tupperware and leftovers yesterday I found some stuffing from Christmas....

So I wondered, what is the oldest leftover in your fridge?


Our shows are coming back.

Amazing Race starts on Sunday.
Survivor starts on Thursday, I think.

And Dancing with the Stars has a new cast and is getting ready to begin again.

Here is the list of "stars".

BELINDA CARLISLE -- she's okay

DAVID ALAN GRIER -- he's funny

JEWEL -- she's okay

SHAWN JOHNSON --too short

LIL' KIM -- no thank you


TY MURRAY -- dark horse

STEVE-O -- no

NANCY O'DELL -- pleasant enough




STEVE WOZNIAK -- definitely no.

How's that for first impressions?

I hope I am pleasantly surprised!!!

Can you believe this is the best they could come up with???

I have to say, Amazing Race and Survivor are much more promising!

And if you have any comments on The Bachelor, feel free to share those too.

How nutty was Naomi's family? I think that is the real reason Jason sent her packing.

Gotta run!

Love you like a friend :o)


p.s. Encourage one another.


Perhaps I can start posting a picture of ME every day.
The Mac took this picture.


My cheeks get freakishly hot.
This is the official way to cool them down.

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