Monday, February 09, 2009

Patrick and I went for a drive.

He likes to drive past this pretty school house.

Four or five or six years ago, this school house was renovated. It was for sale.

It was so charming we had to go and see it.

The door was open. We went inside.

The renovation was going along very well.

We thought it was super.

And would have been perfect for us if we only needed two bedrooms and if we wanted to live in a valley and if we wanted to drive an extra 20 miles to Madison and if it wasn't 50,000 dollars too much.

It would have been perfect?

And sometimes we still drive by it and wax on about how lovely it is....


Isn't it lovely.

So we turned right at the stop sign and went up the hill. There at the top is a huge farmhouse that looked like they added on to hold eleven boys and five girls. I want their view.

And so I say over and over...Now. This is a view.

Then I remember a really nice view. One I saw when I took Katie to Blue Mounds State Park.

There is a fantastic look out tower in that park. But that isn't the view I remember. Cause, remember, I need to put my house there and you can't put a house in a State Park.

Just before you enter the park, you turn right. This leads up the mound and around and around.

We went the wrong way first.

But found this great old sign.


We went back up the hill and turned on Ryan Rd. Quickly we came to the opening I remembered.

And I said. Now. This is the where I want to put my house. Except there is house there already.
Lucky, lucky person with a view. You wouldn't mind if I built a house right where your red barn is?


Over to the right of that little barn. Yes!

I don't really like trees much. They get in the way.

Except when they do stuff like this....


So we followed the road for quite some time, thru the big old trees and got lost a little.
We finally came upon a green and white sign that let us know we were headed in the wrong direction.

We turned around and headed back to Blue Mounds.

And look what we found.

Brigham Park

To the right of the car, this amazing view of the Wisconsin River Valley and to the left, Brigham Park.

The most perfectly set park in the whole county.

We will definitely go back to this beautiful park on the hill.
(When we can get out of the car and sit and look for a long time.)

So that was our little adventure around Brigham/Blue Mounds.
A nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

And in the words of Tina Fey, "I want to go to there."

Encourage one another,

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