Saturday, February 28, 2009


Practice, practice, practice.

And no, it is not warm enough to be without a coat.

I tried some picture in the back yard earlier in the day and the light was harsh. (south, snow reflection)
So then we tried a few shots later in the day in the front yard. (north)

People ask , "Miz Boo, what's your secret?"

I say, "Take a lot of pictures. Everyday. Practice and learn something new about your camera."


IMG_0081_2 scishare

Just got this in the email this morning.
My far-from-mad scientist.


Linzie Hunter

I wanted to share this a few links that have inspired me lately.

Linzie is a graphic artist. I know about her because Tara Whitney has a little poster by Linzie hanging in her office.

It says:

Don't put off your happy life.

Linzie's stuff for sale

I love the sentiment and the whimsicality of it. (Hey! that's a word. Spell check even helped me out with it!)

Linzie Hunter blog

Linzie recently did an ad for Sonic. It's very cute. Check it out at her blog.


And Tara Whitney.

She inspires me because she is so ahead of the game with her photography business....and it's totally organic.

I have looked at her archives, from when she just started her blog (2006) and the things she was doing then are becoming mainstream now.

Most professional family/children's photographers don't sell the digital files.

Tara decided to do it her way. She created packages that included the digital files.

Just this month, Tara came up with another amazing idea.

She has created a home movie and photography package idea.

No one else has thought of this. But Tara did. And I think it is brilliant!

That is just so inspiring to me.

Tara Whitney

In order to see the professional home movie package information you must click on 'details' and page past three pages until you get to the home movie.

It is so special. You will want one.

And the song. It is so sweet.

"It's always better when we're together"

Let me know if you have a hard time getting there.

And NO, this is not a paid advertisement for Tara. She is just so cool.

And one last bit of inspiration.

I have loved this scene from Babe for a long time and remember writing the words and telling about it on my blog years ago!
Now, it is on youtube.


Thank you youtube :o)

Encourage one another,

And hey! Don't put off your happy life.
Linzie Hunter

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