Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Along with chocolate malts. My hubby loves Tootsie Rolls.

I think they are kind of an obscure candy choice, don't you?

But you want to talk about obscure???

How about these?


Our dad would come home with Circus Peanuts all the time.
And shoestring potato chips.

Where did he go to get these things?

Does anyone in your family have a favorite candy choice that is a bit unusual or unique?



I'm sorry I forgot to talk about The Amazing Race yesterday.
It was a real heart stopper for me.

But I can't believe I didn't mention the week before when Jen stopped off to tinkle and they lost the race!!!

Here is what I want to know.

Would you have wet your pants to stay in the race???


Dancing with the Stars was a bit long winded last night. I did enjoy the family visits, didn't you?

Do you think the judges were hard on Melissa? I still think she is the best dancer.

I loved Shawn's first dance but thought her jive was clunky.
I was glad that Karianneandabba agreed with me on that one.

The Frenchdude, gosh, I just don't know. He is graceful, that's for sure. But to me all of his dances look the same.

And Ty. He should go. While he has improved, his Latin dancing is SO AWKWARD!
I'd waltz with him any day tho.

So who will win??? I think this is the first time they have had tree excellent dancers heading into the finals.

I would never have believed it!


“Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar.”


Encourage one another,

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