Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patrick and his coworker have put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Our Humpty Dumpty had a great fail not a great fall.

Thank goodness that Alan has done the work on many Mac's in the past and he
installed the new hard drive in a jiffy.

Then he went home and had an appendicitis attack and was rushed to the hospital for
emergency surgery.

God Bless you, Alan.
May you heal quickly and completely.
And thank you for fixing Humpty Dumpty first!

Isn't that unbelievable?

While Alan was repairing the mac, Katie and Patrick were having a catch.



Look! He smiles. Isn't he handsome. Gosh. I love this picture of him. I think it is my all time favorite picture of him.


Patrick said, let me take a picture of you. So I set the camera's focus in the middle, set the camera on "A" for aperture and ran to hide behind Katie.

I continue to say 'yes'.


Emma came out to go for a walk with her dad and Katie and I rode along on our bicycles.

After our evening jaunt, I watched the finale of Dancing with the Stars.

I really have no idea who will win.
Do you like the freestyle dance?
It's not my favorite.

I loved how excited Shawn was last night!

We shall see. No Biggest Loser to compete with the big DWTS results tonight. Phew.

Patrick will install Photoshop for me tonight. I think.
But we will have to wait to see what might be found on the hard drive until Alan feels better and can return to work.

All of today's photos are still photoshop free...I can't wait to spruce them up a little bit.
I gave iphoto a try just a minute ago. It's not so bad.
I wonder how the prints turn out.

I have a photoshoot on Friday. I can not wait to meet this little family; a newborn and a two year old.
I spoke with the mom yesterday and she sounds great!!

So exciting!

If you have been waiting for a tutorial on Group photos, it is posted at The Pioneer Woman.

Miz Booshay talks about group shots

Hope it helps :o)

Thanks for holding my hand thru my mac crisis.
Love ya!

Encourage one another,

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