Friday, May 01, 2009

Invisible Children

Nancy asked what Emma was talking about in the comments. This video is a short piece on "The Rescue".

Oprah has 'rescued' Chicago!

The peaceful demonstrators have been in Chicago since Saturday. They have waited and like Boo Radley,
Oprah has come out.

Watch for it on the news and on Oprah's show.


Friday Five

List your five favorite books.


Hello Hostas!


Welcome back!


Congratulations Graduate!


I was delighted to receive a copy of a graduation announcement made with a photo I took!

It turned out so well! Lori and Maggie you did a great job!

Where did you have your card printed? I am so happy the colors turned out so well! Aren't you?


Favorite books....

I am re-reading Better Off by Eric Brende.

This may be the reason I walked to the ranch :o)

Happy Friday!

Encourage one another,

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