Thursday, May 14, 2009

In which I take my own advice.

she is covering my chins with my hair.

Thank you for adjusting my hair, sweetie.
Why look! You have nicely covered my chubby chin.
God bless you.

taking my own advice :o)

A spontaneous kiss.



I want to hear what you all are thinking about last night's show.
I was pretty disappointed. The show seems to DRAG for me and the commercials were too long and annoying.
I timed it. Eight minutes of show. Four to five minutes of commercials.

I feel the story telling was way off and sketchy last night. Sawyer and Juliette should have said their goodbyes BEFORE Jack dropped the bomb. Had it detonated, they would have been without their goodbye. All of them. I feel they totally blew by this scene. I would have added a whole "I WILL remember you" moment.
But nada. zippo. zilch.

Well, Maybe not zilch. I saw a teeny blink of the eye by Kate. But I took that to mean, "You can do it Jack. I'm behind you."
Not. Goodbye. I love you. I hope this works. See you on the other side. yada yada yada.

And Ben. He has finally dropped his basket.

What did Jacob say to him?

And Jacob. Huh? What?

Please. I want to hear your deepest thoughts on last nights show. My mind is a disappointed muddle.

Oh Yeah. Dead John Locke. Not scary at all. Really. I'm not being sarcastic.


American Idol

I blame Paula Abdul.


"I will find you."

Want to know something?
I have never seen The Last of the Mohicans.
I did, however, see that movie trailer so many times, the dramatic "I will find you" is ingrained in my psyche.

This is what LOST was missing last night.

Off to school.
Keeping a close eye on Katie. She has been having tummy troubles.
Emma comes home today!!! Hooray! I don't have to drive to Chicago.
Isn't that great!?

Have a great day!

Encourage one another,

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