Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Biggest Loser Finale.

Well. Bust my buttons! The old folks won Biggest Loser!

Never in my wildest imaginings would I have thought it would be Helen!
What a great surprise. It is inspiring to me since she is over 40. That magic age when so many of us start to struggle.

Good. for. her.

And Jerry. Wow.

Does anyone know how many weeks it was since the marathon?


Who will go home tonight on American Idol?

I really can't see anyone beating Adam at this point.
I would prefer it if he didn't scream. But his normal singing voice and amazing showmanship really set him in the top spot. IMHO.

I have to tell you. I have never watched Kris sing a whole song. Soooo boring to me.

And, oh my gosh. I HATED the song Paula chose for Danny. Man. Was that a set up or what?

Any opinions on this weeks show?


I think tonight is the season finale on Lost.

Better go check it out before I write that here.

Yes. Tonight. Two hour season finale.

Will the island blow up?


Bokeh Wednesday Baybee!

Holy Bokeh, Batman!


"It's so much fun sitting out here on this beautiful spring day. Only my mother would drag me to a grove of weeping willows after school to take bokeh pictures. It's a good thing I heart mi madre. Now. Where did I leave those Tootsie Rolls?"

I think that is my favorite bokeh ever. Sorry if it took a long time to load. I really wanted to share it.
It is so beautiful to me.

Blow, weeping willow
yellow green limbs glowing with
glistening bokeh

Ah. Well. I'm not the best at Haiku.

But I think it's a good time for a round of Spring-time Haiku.

Any takers?

Leave your Haiku in the comments.


Encourage one another,

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