Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One million visits and a Sneak Peek (part one)

Look over there to the right on the sidebar. Do you see the numbers in the black box?
Those numbers that are approaching one million?

That represents the visitors that have stopped by this blog in five years! That is totally amazing to me.

I remember when I started blogging I would spot someone's stat counter and was stunned to see something like 300,000.
It was such a big number. And back then, one hundred people stopped by my blog each day. So 300,000 seemed light years away. And of those 100 people who were stopping by each day, 35 of them were me.

In reality, it doesn't matter a bit. Not one bit. I don't advertise on this site so I make the same amount of money if four people stop by each day or four thousand.

But it's fun to reach a big milestone. And Stephie has been keeping her eye on it along with me :o)

I'd give away a prize if I had some money.
I'd give away a prize if I didn't hate going to post office.

So you all get absolutely nada for stopping by on this historic occasion;

The day I hit one million visits on my stats counter.


I'll give you what I can.

A little love, a little cheer, a little place to feel welcome, a little place to rest.

Thank you for stopping by!

Love you like a friend.

Hey! The bad news. The counter will go back to zero, I think. I have no control over these things.
I am at the mercy of technology.
My stats counter is going to keep me humble.


I love these flowers.
This was not taken in my yard.


Sneak Peek




I photographed these beautiful children yesterday. What a lovely, sweet family.
The mom was so together and calm and the dad was so helpful. I really liked them a lot!

And the children. Oh my. This little girl is full of energy and dramatic and smart!
And the little guy. He is perfection. He handled all of the commotion so well.

Thanks for letting me photograph your family. It was a joy!


The unpose.

So-long from our sweet Quiet Life mascot.

Ya'll come back now.

"What happens, matters."

Encourage one another,

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