Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good news or bad news first?

Oh. I'll start with the good.
Patrick has the mac purring away with photoshop installed. He worked for hours getting things back to
pretty normal.

He is a tireless worker and has a heart of gold and I love him.
I appreciate all the hours of his day that he devoted to fixing this upsetting problem for me.
And besides that, he was solid when I was dropping my basket all over the place.

I am so grateful for him.


Parts one and two of hard drive recovery were a bust.

I have lost all of my photoshop actions.
Today, I will write to the authors of each set of actions I purchased and ask them if they would kindly send me
replacement sets. This is humiliating. I did not realize the things that needed to be saved. I understood that pictures needed to be backed up but I just didn't really understand that everything you ever put on your computer needs to be backed up.
I am a moron and now I have to write all of the photographers I know and tell them about it.



Katie has two really exciting days ahead of her. Her school is hosting a grandparents day.
Performances are today and tomorrow. Children invite their grandparents to come to a special program.
The teachers have been working for weeks to teach the children songs and dances and make decorations.
It is a big deal.

I was a little upset about this whole thing since Katie doesn't have any grandparents and never has.
We don't even have any elderly friends. We are the elderly around here.

But I decided to change my attitude and think of this as a blessing for others.

Katie has enjoyed learning her songs and really loves the dance she is performing. It is an Asian ribbon dance.

Then on Monday one of her favorite teachers asked her if she would like to do a special dance.
She and a little boy will dance a 'sock hop' kind of dance. The little boy will be dressed like Elvis and Katie will wear her sock hop costume when the grandparents are welcomed with the song,

Oh Grandparents,
We love you,
We just can't get enough
time with our grandparents

Woah. Ho. Ho.

She is more excited than I have ever seen her.
The teachers have paired Katie with an ex-kindergarten teacher as her 'grandma for the day'.
I hear she is a lovely lady and I know Katie will enjoy sitting with her and sharing a snack.



I was lying on my back trying to take sun flare pictures and this is what I got :o)

And this.

I had one set of actions in my mailbox so I was able to edit this black and white.
Two other sets of MCP actions are I guess I will be writing Jodi today too.

I do love this Newsprint black and white.


What a great last two minutes to DWTS.

ABC must be desperate to put on two hours of a show for the results.


Who will win American Idol tonight?

We know who the judges want, but who does American want?

Who do you want?

I think Steve Martin is going to be on the show. He will play the banjo, I think.


Off to school.
Just heard from Rachel Devine from Sesame Ellis. She will resend the actions. So happy to hear that.
I use her actions as a main part of my work flow so I am very thankful and relieved.
So I end with a bit more good news :o)

Encourage one another,

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