Wednesday, May 26, 2010

After the 5K in Chicago last Saturday we stayed in the City for a while.
Patrick had work to do and the girls thought Pizza sounded good.
So we went without him. It was still foggy and slightly cool but it was not raining.

Gino's East was very near to our I strongly suggested going there.
I happen to really like their deep dish pizza anyway.

So we walked over to Gino's, I gingerly hobbled.

After eating the delicious pizza we left thru the revolving doors with our little box of leftovers and we were blasted by bright summery light.
That one hour made all the difference. The fog had burned off.

The entrance to Gino's now had the most perfect lighting.

I grabbed my camera and started setting the girls up for pictures.


I am the Jillian Michaels of photography!!

I make people do squats.

A chair works and so does a ball.

But on this day....with tired 5K legs...

I shouted out SQUAT.

Not really. I said it really nice ;o)

DSC_7700-2 copy

The things we do for a pretty picture.

And then I had Lindsay, Cindy and Katie line up and



Katie sing songs....squatting....

and then she looks away.


And then Cindy looks off camera.

I was looking at Lindsay cause that is where my focus was. On her eye....

and well....


Where ya looking, Katie?


Oh. dear. Now it's Lindsay's turn.


un poco beso.


I never notice people around me when I am shooting and this time was no different.

But the girls.

I guess someone was talking to them.

A petite, woman, waiting patiently while I shot pictures, just off to my right,
waiting to ask for money.

She was raggedy and appeared to be pregnant.

I apologized and said I didn't have any cash. Which was true.
Lindsay quickly offered her our pizza.
Smart move Lindsay.

I did not notice all the glances when I was taking the pictures
but when I looked at them on the computer
I understood.

Seems only fitting for the way things have been going lately....

happy and sad
secure and frightened
together and alone

So many strong feelings.
All at the same time.

Real. Raw. Beautiful. Tragic.


Encourage one another,

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