Friday, May 14, 2010


Thank you for the great suggestions in the comments yesterday!
I wanted to make so many of the appetizers you suggested that I made two for the teachers.

I made the bean and corn "salsa, relish, dip".

I had a recipe scrawled on the back of a piece of paper.

This recipe gets a B in my book because it tasted better eaten from a spoon
than on a tortilla chip. I have no idea why.

It called for an avocado and cilantro which I did not include.

I forgot the avocado and was afraid it would get brown and
I hate the cilantro we can get here in Wisconsin. It is so tough I end up spitting it out.

Does anyone else in the north land have trouble with tough cilantro and parsley?


Then I made the Tortilla wrap ups.


These also get a B.

The recipe is a good one and I love the flavors but I put the cream cheese layer on too thick!!!
They are yummy but very rich!


Also. They are rather blah looking on the plate.

I remember now that my friend who gave me the recipe used green, red and white tortillas to make it look nicer.

Double Oy.

So that's what I prepared. I'd love to stick around and chat but I need to run!!

Happy Friday!

Thank you again for sharing.

I looked real hard for the sweet. hot. pepper sauce yesterday and they didn't have it.

Love ya,

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