Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good morning!

As I mentioned briefly in yesterday's post,
we are going on a family vacation to San Francisco this summer.

I would love to know where to eat and what to do in the San Francisco area.

I know I would love to visit a quaint coastal town,
but which one.

I think I would like to go to Sequoia Nat'l park.
Any tips on going there?

We love to eat at fun places with great food.

Not fancy. Just yummy.

We like cities so I am sure we will wander San Fran.
(And go see Lombard St.)
Any really cool streets we should not miss?

Where is the Full house street/park?
I'd like to go there.

I want your very best ideas! I know you have em'!!!

Thank you so much!


I took some pictures of Emma last night....
around six.


I love her eyes.


Easy Breezy Cover girl smile.


Classic: Do something with your hands pose.


Looks a little too much like a senior picture. But it's pretty anyway.
The light was stunning and Emma was looking....good :o)

I love taking pictures.

Happy Weekend!

As my relatives would exclaim, "Enjoy!!"


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