Friday, May 21, 2010

This afternoon we head to Chicago to walk in our first 5K.

Our fundraising efforts have been a brilliant success!
Thank you for your generosity! We are really surprised and delighted.

The Official Susie Crew Page

Go and take a peek to see how much we raised!

My computer tells me that the rain will stop by tomorrow and we should have just a gorgeous walk around the lake shore.

Cindy walks a 5 K every month and she gets just the worst my fingers are crossed.

On time...a little over a year ago, Cindy convinced Sue to walk in a half marathon.
Was in KC or St. Louis? One of those...

But guess what?

There was a hurricane.

And they walked. They froze and dripped and did it!

In a Midwestern hurricane.

I was so proud of them! They had trained for that one and were not about to miss it!


So tomorrow we walk for Sue and for all the other people who have been effected by brain tumors.

We will wear t-shirts with her pretty face on them....and we will be thankful to be walking,
in beautiful Chicago with loved ones for our loved one.

And guess what!! Janet and Janice are walking in Glendale Arizona with other friends and family.
They are heading out at 6:30 am so we will walk at the same time.
Join them if you live in Arizona!!! That would be so cool.

And Nancy and Carrie are walking in Minocqua Wi.
I think the snow has melted, right? :o)

Solidarity Baby!

I'll take lots of pictures so you can share in this special event!
And I will gather pictures from Janet and Nancy and post them on Monday!

Love wins. Oh yea.

Thank you!
Love you!
Mean it.



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