Saturday, May 15, 2010


On Thursday afternoon after I picked Katie up from school we went up Regent St. to the little park that
over looks Hilldale. Katie loves running around here and I like to try to take pictures.
It had been cloudy all week and the sun was trying to find it's way.

The light was weird. I tried many spots and failed.

So I made Katie spin.

She is always winning to spin and she had on the perfect skirt for it.



It is a weird spot. This park.

I think it is a popular spot for drug deals.

Or something.

But ya know, when I am taking pictures I am in my own little world and don't really think
about what is going on around me.

I better be careful....I could get mugged this way.

When we got home I wasn't sure my camera was focusing properly. With my poor eyesight I needed more light and found some in my bedroom. Which also has a handy dandy fan.


focus working




Yesterday we tried to grab a quick breakfast in Chicago.

Have mercy. Don't you think an hour and a half to get some eggs is a bit ridiculous?

The front of the restaurant had some chairs and I spotted some fabulous studio lighting :o)


This is Emma's friend Bruce.

I knew the first time I met him that I wanted to take pictures of his beautiful eyes.


He is a good sport and comfortable in front of the camera. (He is an artist)

In the above picture I asked him to look 'thru the camera' like he was looking 300 miles away.
(Thank you America's Next Top Model for that tip ;o) )

Anyway. That was fun.

What a drive home tho.
We were ten minutes late to pick Katie up but all worked out in the end.

Katie's friend from Appleton came to spend the night and
I got to visit with dear Amy J.

We love them.

After dinner we crashed on the couch and found something to watch.

Forrest Gump.

Emma wonders how many times one can cry during one movie.
I'm glad to have her home. My comrade in tears.

We are going to a Brewers game today!!!

What a life!

Encourage one another,

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