Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hi! I need your help today.
Need it quick.

I have to prepare or purchase an appetizer for the Teacher Appreciation dinner.

Here is the deal.

I have to do this today since I am going to get Emma in Chicago tomorrow.

So. If you could give me some ideas and even recipes if you have the time.

1. Must be able to sit in the fridge over night in the school kitchen.
(I will take it today at 3:00)

2. Must serve 8.

3. Must be delicious.

4. I am thinking of that Mexican dip....the layered one...but it must be the best one.

5. Or the old veggie pizza. The most delicious one you can think of...without dill.

6. I need the recipe by 1:00 so I can run to the store to put it together by 2:30.

7. I have spelled recipe wrong three times already.

8. If you could help out...that would be fabulous.


Encourage one another,

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