Thursday, May 06, 2010

When we went down to Missouri for Sue's funeral.
(Oh gosh....I find it hard to write that. I'm still pretending she
is in Paris for the time being...)

Sue and Cindy's friends showed us the most wonderful
and loving hospitality.

Because many of us were staying at the Hampton Inn,
the girls rented a room and made it our little hospitality suite.

There was lots of snacks and drinks. Beer and wine and Diet Dr. Pepper.
Cookies and chips and dips and crackers.

They decorated with flowers and signs,
placed extra blankets on the bed and magazines to look thru.

It was the perfect thing to do. We took great advantage of
our little hospitality suite.

Thank you Bunco Buddies.
Love you.
Mean it.

Friday afternoon we had a little free time and a few of us met in the suite.


Matthew and Melinda and baby boy boucher were there :o)



Are brown eyes dominant? I hope so. How I would love a brown eyed grandbaby.

Odds are...this little boy will have red hair and green eyes.



Janice's young son, Spencer, was there! He was such a willing model...and was so excited to see his pictures that he ran upstairs to get his tie!


And then Janet jumped up and said, "Hey! I want to be in the pictures too!"



I love our family.

Encourage one another,

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