Friday, May 07, 2010

We are the Susie Crew!!

Susie's page

Lindsay, Eric, Cindy, Patrick, Emma, Katie and I will be walking in the Path for Progress 5K on May 22.

Cindy walks a 5K every month and when we spotted this event in Chicago specifically for brain tumors we all
wanted to participate!

I have never done something like this before....but there is no time

We have all been shaken to the core because of this terrible disease and we want to see some progress in
the treatment.

Katie wants to donate so Patrick and Emma don't have a zero by their names ;o)

If you want to come and walk with us....we would LOVE that.
If you want to donate to the Susie Crew...we would LOVE that.
If you want to come and wave at us....we would LOVE that too :o)

I should be able to walk three miles...right???

Thank you to those of you who have already donated.
We are so thankful!!


I wanted to share
a touching part of a speech given by one of Sue's long time friends, Judi, at the 'wake'.
Judi introduced Keith to Sue. They worked together and were good friends for many years. She is funny and vibrant and a little irreverent....and we all
just loved her instantly.

(Doesn't hurt that she made the moistest, most delicious cinnamon rolls EVER.
Which reminds me....we need that recipe!)

""It is no doubt that Sue was ever humble these last weeks, as she thanked people for food, flowers,
a beautiful quilt, and for friends rallying to support her and her family. Not complaining, but just accepting the facts
and telling us that she loved us. Being with the Warnhoff/Glyman clan has been a most humbling experience these last few weeks. It was a treasure to just sit around the kitchen table, hold hands, tell secrets, meet the sisters Sue had often talked
about, get to know her boys, hug Keith, and just be a part of a sad, yet memorable journey for all of us.
Surely these weeks are a final lesson from Sue in what was really important. This family taught us how life, and
unfortunately death is suppose to be...a time filled with love, joys, memories, no complaints, and a warm sense that
all that really does matter is friends and family. To the family, we are ever grateful for your example."

Thank you Judi. We could not have gotten thru it all without the heartfelt and bounteous prayers,
great support from Sue's Pastors and church family, tender care from friends and family and the comfort and strength that could only have
come from God.

Thank you for making us smile thru the tears during your perfect speech.



"A girl without freckles is like a night without stars."

Do you think we will find a cure for cancer in our lifetime?

Encourage one another,

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