Monday, May 10, 2010


Katie didn't have school on Friday and as per usual
she didn't have anyone to play with. I thought having pedicures
together might be fun. And it was!

I know they say you aren't meant to be your child's friend.

But Katie and I are all we've got most of the time.

So we are friends.


She is also a very thoughtful shopper.

She had some ideas for Mother's Day for me....
and I thought, 'oh dear...what is she thinking?'

She had a book in mind and something else.
I wondered what book she could possibly be thinking I wanted to read?

But, you know what?

She went to Barnes and Noble with her Daddy and she picked out The Help for me.

It is exactly the book I wanted to read.
I don't remember telling her.
But she does have bionic ears and she must have overheard me telling someone I wanted it.


So I am super excited to start reading The Help, right after I finish The Little Giant of Aberdeen County.

And then Katie had another idea for me.
She remembered that I wanted a basket for my bike.
So Katie and her Daddy went off to the bicycle shop to find one for me.

They found the perfect basket.


If it had a lid, I could put Toto in it.


On Mother's Day we went to church and the mother's were asked to stand
so the Priest and congregation could pray for us. Patrick and Katie raised their
hands and aimed they beams of love and prayers right at me.

It was so sweet.

Then Emma and Patrick and Matthew called to wish me a happy day.
So nice to talk with everyone!

I got one more present....Matthew and Melinda sent me Enstroms Toffee. My favorite.
Yum. Yum. Thank you so much.


I thought of Sue's children and husband and cried every time they came to mind.
In church and throughout the day.

But I was blessed every time I checked the Path to Progress, Susie Crew tally!!!
That made me smile and marvel at the generous and lovely people who
donated to a cause that is so important to all of us now.

I cry when I look at Sue's picture and then I cry because of how much love I feel.
The crying doesn't last so long. I don't want you to think I cry all day long.
The tears just spring to my eyes and I wipe them away almost as quickly.

Like now.

My job today is to write thank you notes.
It's a good job to have.


All pictures taken in the garage.
On a rainy day.
With a wiggly girl who had cold albeit colorfully painted toes.

My Katie. My friend.

Encourage one another,

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