Wednesday, May 12, 2010


In my opinion....the above performance by Lee and Crystal is the best thing I have ever seen on
American Idol.

These two should be in the finale and they should preform this song again.

The whole song.

The song is from a movie called Once and won the Academy Award.

Crystal and Lee sing it better than the original.

Emma. Listen to it!


And then Patrick and I watched Lost.

We can't believe we watch this every week. We are baffled by
the whole season. But we can't look away.

I will head over to Entertainment Weekly this afternoon to read what their Lost
writer has to say about last night's episode.
I am sure he will have brilliant things to say about it that never came within a light year
of my pea brain.


Lastly Niecy Nash was voted off Dancing with the Stars. I liked Niecy better than 85.
But, I didn't vote so I am not allowed to complain.

Here is Niecy and Bonnie doing a parody of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.
(Nene and Kim)

You don't know how funny I think this is??

Bonnie's Hunt's last taped show was shown on Monday.
What a wonderful group of people. I will miss Bonnie. I watched her show every day.
I hate to see something special come to an end.


I lied about that last one being last.

Patrick and I are totally bummed that the cowboys didn't win The Amazing Race.
But good gravy guys, you can't let people cut in front of you.


Survivor Russell is stealing the show again this time.
My questions is
Who can Russell take to the final two....that he can beat?

He will prove himself the best Survivor player ever if he can figure out a way to win.

I think he will end up second again because no one will vote for him to win.

But I would vote for him to win. I can't stand when people win who have just ridden someone else's coat tails and hidden behind other better players.


Do you know anyone who has tried out for a reality television show?

Encourage one another,

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