Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Do you know how long it has been since we have been able to open the windows
to let in a fresh, cool breeze?

It has been two months! At least.

I'm not complaining. Katie can swim any time she wants.
We do not have to watch the thermometer to make sure it is above 75 degrees this summer.


It is always above 75 degrees.
Even in the middle of the night.

We have not had a hot, steamy summer in a really long time.
Never one that has been this humid.


I like that when the cool fall winds blow I will be ready for them because
the summer has lived up to its hype!


This is how I remember summer in Illinois.
Hot and humid. Every day.
Storms after four.
Tornado warnings.
Hiding in the basement.


A real, honest to goodness summer, that's what we have here with
lots of swimming and now diving.

Carrie taught Katie to dive on Friday night. Thank you Carrie!
When I was young, the diving board was my favorite part of the pool.

Many pools don't have diving boards now.
That's too bad, isn't it?


We listened to the portable radio in our back yard in Wheaton as we sun tanned and swam.
Larry Lujack. Top 40.
They played this song all summer in 1974.

That's summer to me.

What song says summer to you?

Encourage one another,

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