Thursday, August 26, 2010

Houston. We've got a shopper.


And she seems oddly attracted to shoes.
and boots.

The ones she sees in Mini Boden are very expensive for a 5th grader.
She will have to wait for $110 red boots.

And she actually wants to wear different shoes each day.

What is this strange behavior.

I am happy wearing Emma's cast off flip flops. Every day of the summer.
It was a struggle trying to find something to wear to the last funeral I went to because
I thought the rubber flip flops were just a tad casual.

I wore Emma's fancier sandals.

But I had to call Cindy first and ask her what to wear,

She wore cute black patent leather thongs.

Hey! Why don't I have some of those?

In the winter, I wear clogs. I have worn clogs for over 25 years.
For a long time I wore the clogs with the leather tops and the wood bottoms.

In the last few years I have been wearing the woolen clogs.

Every single day.
In my mind. They go with everything.

I think I don't like to make decisions.
Or I don't like change.
Or...who knows.

I am content with my one little pair of shoes.

Back to Katie. And her shopping.

I have to say 'N0' a lot.
That's no fun.

Fortunately she loved this little pair of plaid shoes she saw on the commercial for Payless. (pictured above)

Buy one, get one for half price.

We did. Two pairs for $28.00.

So much better than the deal she found in the Mini Boden catalog.

Buy three, get the fourth one free.

Too bad you don't get the most expensive item for free.

Reality bites.

No boots for you.


p.s. Do you have to say NO a lot?
I don't like it. I'm sure my kids think this comes easily for me.
But it's not.
It's slightly painful.

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