Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hi Everybody!

Let's see...what's on my mind this morning....

My sister Janet is having surgery this afternoon.
She has had such a rough six months.

I know she would love it if you prayed for her.

This surgery is harder to recover from than her gall bladder was
so let's lift her up. I know she will feel the love.


That's Janet in the middle.
She is the baby.

We love her.


My head has been firmly attached to photoshop for the last few hours.
I have been editing a senior session.
The photo shoot was yesterday afternoon and of course it was cloudy. Really dull and awful cloudy.

I was despondent.

As soon as the family arrived at the gardens my heart was uplifted.
Hope, the mom, was super upbeat and sweet.

I set to work.

All three children came along for a family shot with Kathryn, the senior.

They could not have been better models. It's remarkable to have three people all look at
you at the same time and smile. ;o)

I made them get super close to one another, tip their heads and bossed them around,
sweetly, of course.

But really. You have to be comfortable telling people...where to go. ;o)

Then Kathryn and I set out to find the pretty light.

She was great! She could sense the light and was patient with me as I made her squat and sit and spin and turn.

Thank you Kathryn! I loved shooting you!

Here are just a few I edited this morning....

DSC_4472-3 copy

She has such a natural, happy smile!
And she likes to smile.
Couldn't be cuter!


I edited this in color first...and on a whim I tried my black and white action. (Sesame Ellis)

Sometimes...the black and white really works.

I love the tones in this picture.

DSC_4645-4 copy

DSC_4385-3 copy

She loved the purple. I was making her fling her head around.
AND I am standing on a bench.
When you make people do unusual things you often get the best, most natural smiles in response :o)

I left the gardens feeling hot and sweaty and relieved that we were able to find some pretty light and capture some beautiful pictures....
even tho I seem to be cursed.

I'll stop feeling sorry for myself some time today.

Praying for Janet will help.

There are worse things than grey skies.

Encourage one another,

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