Saturday, August 21, 2010

I liked this beautiful performance on my Flickr but wanted to put it here too.
I just love this song and Jordin Spark's voice.


Heidi and I had a second mentoring session yesterday. She is just so passionate about learning more about photography
and she was sporting a fantastic 50mm 1.2 so we worked a lot with using that big fat aperture.

We also are always looking for the best light and catchlights...I couldn't see them in Katie's eyes but
every time I looked at Heidi I could see a nice, big, white catchlight.


It was me.



Katie came along to model for Heidi.


She was a little a squirrely.

(We said squirrely in the 70's)


I have to start trusting myself....

I fret so much about finding the perfect light....and it usually turns out okay.


I have an idea for a book.

It is not photography related.

It might just end up being a blog.

Most likely.

But my brain was spinning last night and I could not sleep.

I'll tell you about it sometime. I think.


Happy Weekend!

Janet is home and recovering. She has lots of help.
Melinda is two weeks away from her due date.
I get my hair colored on Tuesday.

All of these things make me extremely happy :o)

Love you guys!


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